Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for following my blog. As my pregnancy draws to a close and I realize my life will soon become more hectic than usual...I'm aiming to simplify by keeping to only two blogs.

My family/personal blog will now be @ With Both Feet - so please continue to follow me here as I'll be posting personal items and articles about our family and my little man as he grows up.

And my photography blog will remain @ L'Emotion Du Jour- this is where I will post photos from my hobby and photos I take of other people and their families...or just photos I like and want to share.

I will leave this blog open, but don't plan to post here. I have one other blog...a book I started about my life as a caregiver....and I may pick that back up again one day....but for now, its family time :)


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